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Coca Information

1kg Coca Leaves

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Buy Coca
Coca Tea Bags
Coca Leaves
Coca Leaf Flour
Coca Leaf Powder
Pick Me Up Powder

Coca Leaves

Buy Coca Leaves
Coca Leaves
Qty. 50grams $40 USD
Qty. 100grams $70 USD
Qty. 1kg $290 USD

Coca Tea Bags

Buy Coca Tea Bags
Generic Coca Tea Bags
Qty. 30 $10 USD
Qty. 100 $30 USD

Buy Delisse Coca Tea Bags
Delisse Coca Tea Bags
Qty. 50 $20 USD
Qty. 100 $35 USD

Coca Leaf Flour/Powder

Buy Coca Leaf Flour
Coca Leaf Flour/Powder
Qty. 100grams $30 USD
Qty. 300grams $80 USD


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